3D stereoscopic installation, 3’36”, 2017

From the dark depths of the well in the ancient crypt a small child appears. Very slowly, as if he is floating in the water, he rises upwards. The child then disappears again, into the darkness below. He comes up for a second time. Again he moves upwards along the sides of the stone well. The metal grating, however, prevents him from ascending any further.

The well of the Lebuinus Church and the River IJssel are connected historically and climatically. When the IJssel is high, the crypt fills with water. The 3D stereoscopic installation ‘Well’ reveals this connection in a special way. The installation was made for the IJsselbiënnale (IJssel Biennial) 2017.
Music: David Dramm

Do you know that this artwork…

PREMIERE IJsselbiënnale, Deventer – June/ September  2017

Is exhibited at:

  • 3D Moving Images Festival, Deventer – September 2017