3D stereoscopic installation, loop, 2017
Music: David Dramm

In 768 the Anglo-Saxon missionary Lebuinus crossed the River IJssel and arrived in Deventer. He built a little wooden church on the spot where the Great or Lebuinus Church, which is named after him, now stands. Today’s Gothic church with its vaulted ceiling reaches high into the heavens. The Roman crypt gives you a very different spatial experience. Whereas you feel the huge distances when you walk into the church, in contrast in the crypt everything is close by. It is much more intimate. And it is here that, as part of the IJssel Biennial 2017, the 3D stereoscopic installation Well was made. It was commissioned by the Protestant Congregation of Deventer in the Netherlands.

The well in the crypt is covered with a grille and is connected to the River IJssel. It overflows whenever the IJssel bursts its banks and then gradually the water recedes. This heritage is reflected in the design of the artwork. The coming and going of the slow moving 3D baby in the well creates a virtual space, which is linked to the actual space in the crypt. The music, specially composed by David Dramm, connects these two spaces and hangs over the floor like a mist.

Do you know that this artwork…

PREMIERE IJsselbiënnale, Deventer – June/ September 2017
Is exhibited at:
3D Moving Images Festival, Deventer – September 2017
Writing by Aaron Rosen: https://www.christiancentury.org/article/art/well-stereoscopic-installation-loop-2017-arent-weevers