Video installation, 5’15”, 2009
Special edition 2019, 5’15”

Standing in the middle, a heavily pregnant young woman. Her hair partly covers her naked body to her ankles. She peers past you, with no expression on her face. From underneath, a gusty wind begins to blow, wafting her hair slowly upwards into the air. Suddenly, the woman bends slightly forward, her left arm in front of her abdomen, and grimaces painfully. Losing her balance, she falls sideways out of the frame until only black remains.

Music: David Dramm


Words from René Kok

Theologian and psychologist

“Here is a strong woman in the full beauty of her life. A beauty made almost magical by her long upward-floating hair. Deep inside her she carries a great burden. Does she know that when she looks into the distance? Can she foresee her suffering and that of her son?

Mary is one of the most important women’s names in the Bible. The most well-known Mary is Mary the mother of Jesus. In the Catholic tradition she has become the symbol of maternal love and virginal innocence. She has also been given the role of mediator and example. An image of a ‘woman elevated above life’. But none of this can be recognized in this mature, substantial woman.

But maybe it’s about Mary Magdalene, the woman who followed Jesus and (possibly wholly wrongly) is identified with the prostitute who anointed Jesus’s feet. And is she here the pregnant woman about to give birth? Is it about her carrying Jesus for nine months? And why that passion, that suffering, why that fall?

In Mary! – with Mary, the mother, the beloved, who bears the fruit of her womb in the vulnerable nakedness of her womanhood – life is made visible in painful beauty.”

Further reading: Moving Images, biblically inspired video art (Arent Weevers).

Do you know that this artwork…

Received  ‘Best International Video Art Short’, the New York International Film Festival, 2010

Is exhibited at:

  • Museum Weert, Weert – May 3, 2022 – permanent
  • LOOP Barcelona, Barcelona – November 2019  (Special edition Mary!)
  • The Taste of Art GZ, New York – March  2018
  • Solo exhibition, Martinikerk, Groningen – September 2015
  • Solo exhibition, the Highlands Church, Leiden – October 2014
  • Solo exhibition, Janskerk, Utrecht – August 2014
  • ‘Observance of faith‘, Oude Kerk, Amsterdam – April 2014