About the book Musings. About Art, Body and Religion

“Arent Weevers’ hauntingly lyrical video works have been installed in chapels, churches, and crypts in an explicit evocation of the sacred. Musings takes the reader behind the scenes of some of these exquisite sacred pieces – including the delicate, ballet-like choreography of Josephine’s Well and the powerfully vulnerable Mary! – and offers insights into both the inspiration behind them and the innovative technical demands required to turn that inspiration into reality. As both theologian and artist, Weevers’ reflections on his works are infused with an impulse to approach transcendence with a creative and inquisitive awe. Peppered throughout his insightful commentaries are equally erudite and illustrative reflections on his work by art historians, philosophers, and theologians. Musings offers an uncommon tour of the artist’s work by the artist himself and a few of his most discerning peers. The result is a rare and intriguing look into the beliefs and practices behind some of the most exciting creative work being done at the nexus of religion and art.”

Sage Elwell – Associate Professor and Chair of the Religion Department at Texas Christian University and author of Religion and the Digital Arts (Brill, 2020)