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Interactive multimedia installation, 5’24”, loop, 2000

An elderly naked man and woman look at you from the large screen. Then something starts to happen: they begin to dance, following the heartbeat of the visitor.

In Travelling of the Heart, a virtual space of changing images and sound respond to the viewer, whose input is needed for the installation to function. Both the tempo and the images are forever shifting, no single second is ever the same.

Petran Kockelkoren

Words from Petran Kockelkoren

Philosopher and Professor Emeritus Art and Technology at University of Twente, The Netherlands

“Visitors are provided with a sensor which records their heartbeat. On a large screen is a projection of a naked older couple, a man and a woman, performing a dance. One of the dancers is controlled by the heartbeat of a visitor, the other dancer by another visitor’s heartbeat. The goal is to get both heartbeats coordinated in such a way that a joint dance is generated on screen. But the failure of the search for a mutual heartbeat is inherent in Travelling of the Heart. With the exception of the odd fakir, most of us cannot really control our heart’s rhythm. Maybe for a brief calm and intimate moment. Trying to do this inside the confines of an art installation focuses attention on our inability, and on our brave attempts to conquer our incapacity. Not with an eye on the total aesthetic experience, but just to reach the concrete Other.

Arent Weevers works as a present day media artist – often reluctantly –in the minefield of normative aesthetics. The only way to get out of this is with artistic explorations of media following new techniques with an accurate and critical eye. This is the chosen field of work of artist/chaplain Weevers.

Arent Weevers does not promise too much. No hurried escape upwards, no oceanic healing. He ignores the siren call to make religious kitsch. He takes the human embodiment of media seriously and makes it the theme of his work. Time and time again Weevers confronts us not only with physicality and pain, but also with the possibility of connection in moments of physical vulnerability. His digital shepherd’s bag with contents will take him far on his path as an artist and as a guide for sensory orientation.”

Further reading: Transcendence versus Embodied Media. The media art of Arent Weevers (Sabrina Kamstra).

Do you know that this artwork…

Is exhibited at:

  • New Dakota, Amsterdam  – November/December 2018
  • Great or Barbarachurch, Culemborg – April 2018
  • Moving Images  – On Tour, Martinikerk, Groningen – September 2015
  • Solo exhibition, Janskerk, Utrecht – August 2014
  • Solo exhibition, the Highlands Church , Leiden – October 2014