Video installation, 1’10”, 2009

In this ‘moving drawing,’ a woman’s hair covers her face like a flame. She appears to be on fire, caught between two tower-shaped frames.
‘Lady Liberty,’ the mother of freedom, would never fall, would she?

The work is a gift for the people of New York City.

Music: David Dramm

Joost de Wal

Words from Dr. Joost de Wal

Art historian
Guest curator, and final image editor, translator, publicist and consultant in the field of modern art

“Arent Weevers brings great stories back to their essence: one person (sometimes two), one act, one story, no setting or decor. His images in extreme slow motion make us go slower and nail us down.

The video image of Lady Liberty is in diapositive and almost overexposed. You have to search for what you can see, and then you recognize the contours of a woman, naked and vulnerable. She stands immobile, her long hair dancing round her head like a blazing fire.

Who is she? A siren who lures us with her silence? The drowning Ophelia, her hair flowing in the stream? The torch-bearing Lady Liberty of the Statue of Liberty in New York, enlightening the world (after all Weevers calls his artwork a gift to the people of New York after 9/11)? Or is she – once again – Mary, the woman from the installation Mary!, but this time unwavering and not falling? She is ultimately, of course, all women: she is humankind, she is who we are.

In this way Weevers creates space for all our meanings, through knowledge, culture and religion. Out of the darkness of the world he brings the light of the riddle: bright, deep, mystical and moving.”

Further reading: Contemporary art in Dutch churches 1990-2015 (Joost de Wal).

Do you know that this artwork…

Is exhibited at:

  • 5e Biënnale ‘Moving Images – Ecce Homo’, Great or Lebuinuschurch, Deventer – June 2015
  • Venice International video art festival
Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi,
Venice – November 2014
  • Solo exhibition, Martinikerk, Groningen – September 4 – 11, 2015