3D holographic installation, 2’41”, 2015

The title ‘Ecce Homo’ (‘Behold the Man’) refers to the biblical story John.
In this 3D holographic video installation the passage from the Passion of Jesus is given a contemporary touch. Without the crown of thorns and the purple robe, not an innocent young man but a naked little boy in all his pain and sorrow is shown to the ‘world’, floating upside down.

Weevers’ media art is a search for strength in vulnerability.

Music: David Dramm

copyright Miguel Chevalier

Words from Annette Doms

Art Historian
Digital Media Evangelist, Lecturer Urstein Institut Salzburg, Co-founder & Artistic Director of UNPAINTED, CEO of ICAA, Founder of ARTWARD

“The screen is out of the ordinary – and Arent Weevers’ work Ecce Homo is out of the ordinary. It shows a naked boy, who moves headlong with outstretched arms, weightless in the sphere, although actually he is navigating through a cubic box. In reality the space is empty. Nevertheless, the typical 3-D technology used by Weevers causes the perception of a seemingly living sculpture – that proves, however, to be an illusion the next moment. It is merely a projection of the human mind.

The boy consists of light, and light makes the form. He is naked and due to his age free of the memories, opinions and identity that an adult wears like a suit of armour. This freedom makes him strong in spite of his vulnerability and, in contrast with the ‘Ecce Homo’ of the Gospel of John, he is unharmed. No crown of thorns torments him, no purple robe recalls violation and no nation judges him.

His life in the box is free and easy, while the outside world of the viewer continues to move at a high-speed pace. Suffering and desecration as a metaphor of earthly existence are about to take place soon. Or did he already undergo this journey?”


Do you know that this artwork…

Is exhibited at:

  • Wildhanging/Wild Hanging, Art Studio The Möllerwerf, Hengelo – April 2022
  • 3D Moving Images Festival, Deventer – September 2017
  • LOOP, Barcelona – May/June 2016
  • Unpainted Media Art Fair 3.0, Munich  – February 2016
  • Solo exhibition, Martinikerk, Groningen – September 2015