3D stereoscopic video installation, 1’46”, 2012

A baby emerges from the deep black, floating very slowly towards you. His open attitude and outstretched arms invite you to embrace him. The baby then detaches from the void, floating for a moment as a fragile sculpture – timeless and silent in space. Slowly, he disappears back into the darkness. The whole is accompanied by a richly dissonant score, sound and image evoking multiple associations. Feelings of fragility, beauty and desolation merge for an experience of quiet intensity.

Music: David Dramm

Note: You will need Anaglyphic (Red/Cyan) glasses, HD fullscreen and option 3D on. Preferred viewing distance is 80 inches (200 centimeter) and dark space. A 55-inch Full HD 3D Plasma screen with active 3D glasses is the best option.

Drs Wouter Prins

Words from Drs. Wouter Prins

Art historian and curator of The Museum Krona in Uden, The Netherlands

“In many ways Embrace Me seems to be a sequel to Josephine’s Well. Again, a dark void and a floating, naked figure, in this case a baby. The baby comes slowly forwards from the darkness, opens his arms in surrender, in embrace, and seems briefly to break free from the darkness around him, only to fade back into it again.

Here is a similar technique and movement, the same themes of slowness and intensity, beauty and vulnerability. Despite this, we encounter two very different worlds. The world of Josephine’s Well is outside us, beyond us; that of Embrace Me is deep within ourselves. Here the desire is for our own deepest being, our origin, our beginning. Which is stored somewhere within us, not in our heads, but in our hearts. While Josephine’s Well is about the desire for the other, Embrace Me addresses our desire for something in ourselves that we experience but cannot see.”

Further reading: But see, I love! Eros in religion and art (Johan Goud en Hans Alma)

Do you know that this artwork…

 is the world’s first 3D video art with HD high-speed camera

is selected as ‘Highlight of media art‘, Unpainted Media Art Fair, Munich, February 2014

Is exhibited at:

  • The Parsonage Gallery, Searsport  (USA) – August/September 2022
  • LOOP, Barcelona – May/June 2016
  • Unpainted Media Art Fair, Munich  – February 2014
  • Solo exhibition, the Highlands Church , Leiden – October2014
  • Solo exhibition, Janskerk, Utrecht – August 2014