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On the border of religion and art

By 2005March 15th, 2014No Comments

Source: Daily Newspaper TC Tubantia, May 2005.

He’s already a theologian – a preacher for Hengelo’s Protestant community and a student pastor in Enschede and Deventer. But for five years Arent Weevers has known something else: he is also an artist.

There’s still a gap between religion and art, caused centuries ago by Iconoclasm. “Other art forms are entering the religious domain more and more. Especially music. They’re not afraid to take bible texts as a starting point”, says Weevers. ‘”Only art lags behind. I don’t get it. Students from the Art Academy build a cross, but they have no idea what that symbol really means.”

Weevers is especially involved with the creation of video images. “Two things are always there: space and movement. A video installation offers both.”

He also knew that the ‘chaos of art ‘ didn’t combine with the discipline needed for university study. So Weevers studied theology and left the art to the art world.

“But I always had the feeling that there was something trapped in my brain that must come out.” Which happened. Somewhere at the end of his studies. “For a very long time, I had a picture in my head of a church that was demolished on the inside. And then I arrived at a church where that was literally the case.” He took it as a sign to get started.