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With Arent Weevers in the field of enigmatic

By 2006March 15th, 2014No Comments

Source: Weekly Magazine Roskam, Marry Dijkshoorn, October 2006.

Arent Weevers is a preacher for students and video artist, disciplines, which have for him everything to do with each other.

Weevers move themselves in the area of the hardly eligible. … Instead of giving an answer he puts rather questions. In the art he is glad that the academy has saved remained. Artist and preacher. A logical combination? “For me, however, both disciplines is busy with the human, existential life questions and with imagination, both give those life questions form. Look to the tales in the bible. Moreover for me is also important that both takes place in the field of enigmatic, the un-seen.”

“Art which is not paradoxical, which isn’t in several ways to explain, is for me no art. Also the bible is for several manners to explain. All peoples come sooner or later at the question where everything comes from and if there is life after death. Religion concerns also good and bad and the desire of happiness or a better world… There art also proceeds, but none of these wants to give a univocal answer.”

“In live manifest something niche-full, a mystery, and that calls I god….. Mine input is that the picture of god is way larger, you can only stammering something. It’s larger than you can think. If I means something there concerning am it mostly in the negation: God as in-visibly, un-said, but further than that you can’t say any more.”